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I'm looking to get an upgrade alternator as I have an upgraded audio system in the car and would like to have the extra power to help power it, and protect the battery.

I have all the audio installed Including 0 gauge ground and power in the bay on the alternator. But I could do with an upgrade alternator.
I looked at the 1.5 diesel e11 alternator... but I'm almost certain it requires lower RPM?
Any advice and help appreciated. Also the pull are different number of ribs on the belts 4 to 5.

Ideally a more powerful version of the stock (from manufacturer) would be best.

Would like between 150A and 300A. No more powerful that that because the engine will likely take too much of a hit.

I'm aware you can change pulley on the alternator to correct speed but don't know anything about working it out etc.
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