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Hey. I posted this on another forum but I was recommended this board so I'll just paste it.
Hello. New Nissan note. UK right hand drive. Bought last month. Just 
looked under the passenger seat and lifted out the plastic tray and 
underneath, there is an unused plug under there. Three wires if I think. 
There's the seatbelt wire which is bound to this unused one and that 
works just fine. 
What is this little wire for please?
The car is new and everything is working just fine. Seatbelt sensor is 
connected up. This one is unused. The first thing I thought if was 
heated seats. But I just thought that being thr current seat would need 
to be ripped out and replaced to have heated, why put a wire there? It 
wouldn't be much more work to wire it too. Also, are there that many
people having heated seats that it needs a convenient plug in EVERY car.
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