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Hi I have 2007 Nissan note 1.5 turbo diesel and have just had the dreaded red engine management light come on.

Since its been on I have also had the airbag light flashing (may not be linked or I don't think so anyways)
The diagnostics show drivers side module.

....As for the red management light flashing it comes up with turbo boost sensor circuit A open (or something along those lines checked wiring and it's o.k)

I have so far naturally changed boost sensor, MAF sensor, fuel filter and had a oil change , glow plugs etc where also changed.

The car drivers normal but on idle occasionally the revs jump up and down slightly when left on idle this smooth s out itself but however after a short drive off approx 15 minutes and normally when on incline the red management light comes on I've added fuel system cleaners,dpf cleaner in case it's got one on car nothing works to get rid or improve performance.

I have noticed when revving whilst driving in second and third gear the car when the red management light is on does not rev above 3000

The wiring and turbo itself seems fine and it sound as it should but there is hardly any boost in turbo pipes the injectors sound normal I have heard in the past a single ping like noise when bonnet is lifted but that has since stopped.

Any help appreciated
Thanks in advance
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