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Some of you good people might find these useful - Nissan dealer accessory sun shades pack, for rear windows. Part No. 99998-59111. RRP £76.60 plus VAT. I fitted these in about 10 minutes yesterday and easy to remove as & when.
The quality is excellent and they're perfectly sized. Metal edge-fitting clips without adhesive bases are supplied, which are better thanadhesive ones.The tailgate window section is one-piece, so not two separate pieces which butt together in the centre with the resulting verticalblack band effect. A zipped storage bag is also provided although the one-piece tailgate shade is too wide to fit inside.

Shades like these are produced by severalaccessory manufacturers - "Climair"and "Cobra" being two of them - you'll see them online. The kit sold by Privacy Shades seems to be the same as the Nissan accessory kit - the fitting instructions are identical! The Note kit manufacturer appears to be "Cobra" but I could be wrong. In my experience (Fiat/Alfa/Renault/VW) main dealer accessory kit prices are usually very similar to the independent suppliers but it's worth a few moments shopping around.
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