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Hi - my dog has chewed through the rear seatbelt of my nw Nissan Note and I need to replace the rear seatbelt - has anyone done this and if so, could they send me instructions on how to do this as a garage wants £200! Thanks.

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get one off ebay or from the breakers
iirc its 3-4 big bolts its just a case of getting to it what takes the time

i will see what i can find in the fsm

Is it the side seat belt or the middle one (iffitted) ???

if its the side one your have to fold down the rear seat and side it forward and remove the side trim/ plastics as below.....................

Luggage Side Finisher
1. Remove rear parcel shelf. Refer to EI-28, "REAR PARCEL SHELF FINISHER" .
2. Remove luggage floor lid FR and RR.
3. Remove luggage floor carpet.
4. Remove luggage rear plate. Refer to EI-33, "Luggage Rear Kickplate" .
5. Remove cigar lighter (if equipped) and disconnect harness connector.
6. Remove Trunk room lamp. Refer to LT-170, "LUGGAGE ROOM LAMP" .
7. Remove cap and remove bolts securing the luggage side finisher to the rear fender inner panel.
8. Remove hook and rope hook.
9. Remove plastic clips securing the luggage side finisher to rear fender inner panel.
10. Remove metal clips securing the luggage side finisher to rear fender inner panel.
11. Separate the luggage side finisher from the rear pillar garnish.

12. Remove luggage side finisher.

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