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1.4 diesel, 11 plate, 15K (Little Nelly)
I had suspicions about the rear window demister and had looked at the many forums. Then, the rear wiper decided at random where it would park itself, so it was back to the forums & Mr Haynes. With now two faults I guessed the loom to the tailgate was probably where the problem lay. I was going to check the fuses (I don’t know how to check the relays). (When the blower failed last year I found it awkward to get into the relay box by the battery, so I aimed for the tailgate) For fuse info I found Fuse Box Diagrams excellent.
This was my solution working outside at 2 degrees.
Open the rear door. Wipe the corrugated cover over the loom with a soapy cloth - top right from the roof to the tailgate, and dry it. Prise out the rubber boot at the tailgate end. Cut through the flat piece of rubber going from the rubber boot into behind the tape holding the loom in place. Now you can slide the boot some way down the loom and peek at all the lovely white cables inside, of two sizes. If you are lucky you might see a broken cable. If you don’t with long nose pliers tug & wriggle each cable in turn. If you find only one break congratulations. If you find a broken large cable that may be for the heater. A small one maybe the wiper motor. If you find more than one break (I had three) match them for size first, then try and match the shape of the break in the insulation. It will now probably be a pig trying to join the ends. I found a bit of small multi strand copper wire in the shed.
To gain access I slit about 2 inches of the corrugated gaiter with scissors, a knife might catch another cable, up towards the flange which plugs into the tailgate. Now you’ve got some space. Thread a piece of the new wire through the flange and out of the slit in the gaiter. I tried to solder the wire but it wasn’t tidy so I used one those tubular crimps. After each repair test whatever wasn’t working before, and the on to the next one. There will be now some excess cable in the corrugated tube - just push it up and/down in the tube. Now wrap up the cleaned tube with black tape, when it’s warmer.
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