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2014 E12 Dig-S Tekna manual
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Well as some may know I recently broke down to blightly and learned not to trust nissan mobility EU.
Apart from this I got royally scr*wed on the part due to "supply chain issues".
If your vvt Solenoid goes it cost about 30gbp to replace 2020 (see youtube link)
Now in Autodoc between 75-125 euros ie. about 100gbp with sending.

Nissan kindly cough sold it about a year ago for 130gbp, yes from a main stealer but not unexpected.
Below is without VAT, and a suggestion to see if "we" (ie. the more experienced voices) can make suggestions (ie. below) as to parts which if not replaced in the last 5-6 years, and you are so able to do so, to consider holding a spare or replacing via cost effective means.... safe driving....

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