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Hey. I posted this on another forum but I was recommended this board so I'll just paste it.

Posted: 30 November 2011 at 15:42 | IP Logged
Hello, had my Nissan note for a while now. Automatic transmission 1.6
Thinking about hooking up a small subwoofer. Leaving the technical
part to one side for now, where can I physically store it? I'm not sure
how small I can get one for. Some considerations; I permanently store
my wife's wheelchair in thr boot. It folds up and fits exactly in the boot
compartment nearest the rear seats. One of the 'boot boards' hold it in
place. I'd prefer to keep the subwoofer fairly hidden. Apart from under
thr passenger seat, am I missing any hidden empty spaces in this
lovely car?
I looked and noticed that, if I unscrew the spare wheel, there is a rather large area containing nothing but air. It's an unusual shape though and still doesn't look large enough for a small sub. I think it would be the height of the sub which would let me down. Would I even hear it in the drivers seat?
A friend of mine is about to throw out a portable tv with a built in 
subwoofer. It's cyndrical in shape and quite small. He plans on salvaging it for me. We both looked under the recess of the passenger footwell. It goes right up behind the glove box. This cylinder subwoofer 
would fit fine. Can anyone see any issues with fixing it behind the glovebox? I hope to use cable ties to fix it. Does anyone know of anywhere to tie them to under there? 
Will I block the fan? Will I cause a short circuit with a unused plug 

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For an active sub (a powered subwoofer)

for the power you need to take it direct from the battery which MUST be fused, the ground can be taken from and decent bolt to the chassis/bodywork, then all you need to find is switch live (12V with the ignition on)
depending on what model you go for you need to pick up and audio source from the stereo
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