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Hi and welcome to our community, the nissan note website and forum's are free for you to use and post. Before posting though here are a few tips that will help you get the most out of the forum;

Post in the correct section. The newbies forum here is great for introducing yourself and your car. Let us know what you've got and how you find it. We're all a friendly bunch on here!
If you have any problems with your note, please don't post it in this section, use one of the main technical forums - this helps keep the forum tidy and also means we know where to look.

We already have a great deal of information on the site, browse through the forums or use the search function above - chances are the information you are looking for has already been posted.

Treat everyone here with respect, remember we are all people behind the keyboard and screen and if someone has helped you out, be sure to thank them.

Why not get a nice club sticker to go with your note

Pleasemake your first post a bit about yourself and your carin the Newbies forum you will get a warm welcome and members are more likely to respond to your future questions

Please do not use CAPS as it readsas you are SHOUTING, Its alsoseen as rude and itmakes your posts harder to read, you will get a warning the 1st time, After that your postwill be removed on sight if they are in CAPS

Resurrecting old threads/posts:If a post/thread isolder than 6 monthssince the last post your post it will be removed on sight or report,Unless these posts add any further information to the topic

Points and Posts: Points are not the same as your post count - If you need to find out how many Posts you have, Please Click on your "member Control Panel" what is located in the topLeft of the forum

Thanks for reading and enjoy the forum!

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