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Just a quick message to say hi and ask for some advice.

I've been running a note for about 2 years now and never had any probs only thing I've had to change is one tyre, best all round car I've had and it just takes everything I can through at it from shuttling up and down the motor way to sitting in traffic to,having a kayak on the roof every other week end

It's an 07 se 1.4 petrol version version and my engines started to run a bit rough especially at tick over, it's hard to describe but it's not it's normal quiet placid self, anyone got any ideas or advice, it's over due for a service as I'm currently skint I'll have to do this myself so any advice on this would be helpful.

For my sins I once owned a metro and changing the oil filter was a complete mare until someone told me how to do it
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