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Welcome, MALCS. Here's my list of thoughts about my Note, which is a basic model, 56 reg, bought in Jan. with 20k on the clock.

<B style="mso-bidi-font-weight: normal">Nissan Note ""“ ""Pro""�[/B]
Height of seats.
Easy access.
Steering servo. & turning circle.
Variable boot size.
Chain drive for valve gear, so no worries about belt breaking.
Corners well.
Positive gear change.
Extra, delayed wipe after screen-washers used.
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<B style="mso-bidi-font-weight: normal">Nissan Note ""“ ""Con""�[/B]
Electric windows are awkward to stop at a specific opening.
Ignition must be on to operate windows.
Ignition must be on to operate radio.
Windscreen pillars obscure driver's view of critical areas.
Passenger's sun visor obscures driver's view.
Brake pedal position to right of steering column.
Brakes very light, so little feedback makes it easy to press too hard.
Huge range (distance) of locking remote combined with ease of accidental activation of key mean poor security.
No light on ignition keyhole, so very hard to find in the dark.
No dip filament indication.
No temperature gauge.
Uncommontyre size, so expensive.
Pathetic sidelights, hardly visible from front.
Front indicators difficult for other drivers to see, especially in sunlight.
Tinted windows spoil views of North Wales.
Front seats are for long thighs. (Fortunately, I use a Backfriend.)
Square shape means cross-winds affect it.

I hope you enjoy yours, anyway.

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Hi everyone,
I'm Mark, i live in Hungary, but i haven't found a forum for Nissan Notes in hungarian, so i registered here:) I drive a 1,4 acenta, it's 3 years old now, it's a second car in the family, i have to share it with my mother-.- Anyway, i really like this vehicle, nothing, i mean NOTHING has came up as a problem, since we bought it. It's dynamic enough for the city traffic, and comfy as well.
I hope i can help by informing anyone, if needed, i'll do my best i promise;)
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