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My 06 1.5 Dci developed a gear oil leak a little while back. I could smell it in the cabin from time to time.
Upon recent examination I found that the oil seal is leaking and that she had lost about 1.1litres of its full capacity.

Whilst I was under the car I decided to change the gear oil to a fully synthetic one as highly recommended by Honest John. I also installed a home made drip tray so I could carry on using the car.

As I refilled the gearbox, oil started to drip out freely from the affected oil seal.

1) This is just to make you all aware of this quite unusual fault that hasoccured to my vehicle?

2) I have not known a drive shaft oil seal to fail in this way in over 42yrs in the motor trade.

3) I now have a new seal that had to be a special order and will fit it as soon as the weather improves and my back gets better.

4) Any shortcuts advice to get the shaft out would be appreciated.

N.B. She's only done 33k and nothing has caught up around the shaft or anything.

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just one of those things, had the driveshaft oil seal go on my corsa B auto but that had 78k on the clocks and was badly neglected by it last owner
it will be a drive shaft out job (split ball joints ect) its easyier up on a set of ramps
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