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Sure this must have come up before but can’t find anything.

My 2015 dig-s Tekna had an intermittent problem with the Lane Departure not working sometimes.
This escalated to not working at all and the dash display started to flash continually.
Tried various things as suggested on net with no luck.
Having established it uses the rear boot camera which I cleaned it still did not work.
l then used a mildly abrasive auto polish (not T Cut) with a soft cloth and spent a few minutes carefully polishing the camera lens to hopefully remove any micro scratches.
On startup the dash display had stopped flashing and a road test the next day showed the lane departure system to be fully working.
I do like my new Note and all the tech so was disappointed with the problem but now all is good.
My point here is it best to treat the camera lens with care and prevent scratches.
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