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I am trying to get my Nissan Note N-TEC+ DCI insured in France. The insurers use the SRA data base of cars to assess insurance risk. Unfortunately the N-TEC+ DCI is not listed and the insurers will only go by the SRA list.
Does any one know what other name the Nissan Note N-TEC+ DCI might go by in France.
Details. Reg 03/2013 / E11CC04 / Diesel / 1461 cc / 110 g/km Co2 / Type approval No E11*2001/116*0268*10

The nearest one on the SRA database which has an indentical Type,variant, version (E11CC04) is the 1.5 DCI 90 Tekna. There is a N-TEC but not the plus and the type variant version is different.

Any comments appreciated.

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