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Good afternoon i wanna show you a perfect fit guide that i found on micra's sport club, where i posted my own fitting guide ( user Johan_ ).
The post shows how to improve the breathing on our engine cr12de cr14de which have the same airbox.
I made an ulterior mod specific for nissan note's that i'm posting here below..
I hope it can be useful for someone that wants more from our great engine (that with some modifications like cube's inlet camshaft+vvt sprocket, those mods that i'm telling you now, a decat and free flow exhaust, and an ECU remap can EASILY pass 105-110 BHP without reliability indeed.

That’s the before without the grill removed

That's the before with grill removed, how you can see the air can pass through only by these little holes..

That's the after porting the plastics ( you can see the scoop upon that two uprights)

Then i made a air conveyor/duct with light metal plate

Fixed with rivets ( there's little piece of metal under) and sprayed with a metal protector to avoid rust.

An huge improvement for air conveying directly onto the air feed.
I made an air restrainer for our scoop.
Because now, the air is forced upwards and if I didn’t do that the air goes straight up into the engine bay...
I did the air conveyor and restrainer in two hours without haste..
Obviously while having a better air flux we now have to stay at safe distance if it rains or there's a lot of water on the streets..
I didn’t test yet because of Corona virus situation but i predict a much more ready And clever engine, a faster throttle response, and a slightly better acceleration/resumption from release-press the pedal .. and more instant torque.
And a 3 hour deep restoring cleansing:


And after!
Good work!

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That's looking good Ivo77.
My only concern would be that driving storm water won't get channelled up into the air intake. I'm sure you are confident that it won't happen.
Hopefully the ECU won't read the extra air flow as a problem with air/fuel mixture.
Let us know how your car performs long term.
I guess Italy may be relaxed with mods, but in the UK you would need to inform your insurance company of the 'upgrade'.

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Yeah, if you notice the conveyor it's little bit inclinated on left with a hole for water deflux.
The only way for water sucked into the air intake is high revving (which concern very high sumption) and stay righ behind a car into the storm, that's the only way that probabily some water could arrive and soak the filter obstruncting the air flow with an only decreased performance disease..
The ECU will be fine because the map sensor or maf i don't remeber which one the note has, can read above 10psi..
ECU will regulate itself..
A sport filter is coming named Sprintfilter p08, Sprintfilter is the official supplier of hrc honda in motogp, ducati, and much more manifacturer company, it claims 1-4 bhp..figuring the mods, and the low flow capacity of the standard filter i suppose at least 2-3 bhp only with filter, added to those already gained from the past mods.
Well, a sporty panel filter it's not outlaw in our contry, because you're not modifying nothing..
Anyway i will post a reply when i test the car in these days, cheers!

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Here we are with an update!
I tryied the car with the air conveyor mod and it’s really improved, it’s super-ready at the throttle, a more rapid response, and more you push more you have because the in-pressure raise... big thumbs up at this mod, super recommended.
A sprintfilter sport filter!


Look at the astonishing differences between the two filters, only imagine the differences in soaking air... at the right the Sf under sun rays.
And here the Bosch filter ( better than others) under sun rays, you CAN’T see through, instead in the , yes!
With the car in idle, revving up is more easy, the engine run unrestrained.
With the car in moving, the 1-2-3 it’s improved in a impressive way.. the 3rd gear is quite similar at the 2nd in terms of rapidity of gaining speed, torque and power...the engine is really unleashed...
Anyway i suppose the ecu needs some time to adapt her values with the newer ones, in these days i will go to contact an expert (found in a mechanical group) to ask him if i need to unplug the battery for a reset..
Jolly good, that’s my “phase 2” intake mod, the phase 3 is removing all the airbox and use a direct air intake ( like kd1 Sf intake or something like that) (phase 1 is change the panel filter)..
I realize that this club is not a real sport club as the micra club is, anyway post your thoughts below !

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Well done Ivo77. There are sure to be some members who will find your mod very interesting.
I've noticed requests before on how to improve performance particularly from the younger owners.

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Hi everyone! I’m back with a new air feed duct improvement.
When i fitted the 1.0 duct version I’ve noticed that the upper conveyor of the front grill direct the air upwards on the upper frame and not directly into our air duct..
So i decided to put another piece at the project:

I started shaping some thin cardboard to make a sample like the aforementioned.
After an hour shaping and trying if it fits properly the results will be like that (I haven’t had an available metal place like the last i used, anyway i’ve coated it with metal protector)

and here it now fitted ( on left with a rivet, and on right with nut and screw:



and here we are with and effective cold air duct!
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