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I took delivery of my 2008 1.4 Note today, and after filling the tank & tyres, i took itfor a first trip, and i must say that i am really impressed with the mpg. shown on the

We have a speed limit of 80 Kmh. here, and not knowing how exact the speedometer is, i
kept it between 80 & 85 Kmh. which is 2.500 Rpm.

My trip was 88 Km, avg. was 63 Kmh. & the mpg. shown on the display was 4.6 lhk. i am
sure that the display is optimistic, but even if the real mileage is 5.0 lhk. that is still better
than expected.

My last car was a 2000 Honda Insight hybrid, so i already know how to get the most out of
the expensive drops, but my drive today was straight forward, just sticking to the speed limit.

I have been reading most of the treads here on the forum, and i also bought the E11 workshop &
repair manual CD. as i like to service my own car, but i am sure i will be asking some "dumb"
questions in the future...

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welcome to the forum
should of found us first as i have links to the manual and other info on the note, come in and have a good look about
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