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Hi everyone this is my first post here nice to meet you all:)<div id="isChromeWebToolbarDiv" style="display:none">

After a car accident I had with my 12-year old almera N15 I was looking for a new car.
I really liked the minivan style with the folding seats.
As a freelance field tech who drives a lot I can arrange all the spare parts and tools without any mess in the trunk and really liked the idea, as well as short car that can fit small parallel parking and nice turning radius and also fun to drive.
I was looking at Skoda Roomster TSI, Honda Jazz, Hyundai Matrix, Citroen C3 Picasso.
I really liked the Note, I rented a visia for 1 week and really liked it.

Here, in Israel we only have the UKDM Note Visia and Acenta with the HR16DE engine.
Although the Note is quite nice on KM/L, As I'll soon buy a facelift Acentra (with the cruise control) I started to find out about LPG conversion options.
I found very few information on conversions done in europe and USA and it seems that the HR16DE engine isn't have good valves for for the conversion and the few conversions I found was on the CR14DE engine.

I read a lot on the subject, Israel is really hot in the summer to start with (also the Israeli LPG is drier than europe) and I guess that if I'll decide doing the conversion (even with the valve auto oiling system) sooner or later the valve seats will be change from the heat and engine head will have to be replaced.

I wonder if there is anyone who custom modify the valve seats ahead before the LPG conversion so there won't be any problems like this.

Any experience with converted Note will be appriciated.
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