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After reading the post, I was wondering what pins 10, 11 and 12 are for.

What about Pine 4?

Can you tell me what it will do?

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flash22 said:
Items required for the retrofit

Connect unit (with code) making sure you have the correct unit for the note Part No. 25915-BH00A, 25915BH10A, 25915BH20A or 25915BH50B (Later gloss Black unit)

GPS unit
Mic plug / adapter
Adapter lead (06-58 only)
Aerial Adapters (connects2 CT27AA57 and a autoleads PC5-27) Only needed for notes with din (round plug)aerials (2006 - 2009 but there are some cars either side of these dates)
Please note the connects 2 CT27AA57 is a 2008 Honda accord item this is the correct part number and lead you need, but many suppliers are not sending the correct items causing a lot of confusion

Another Alterative for the lead is a Connects2 CT27AA61 (2008 onwards Subaru wrx)

Optional parts

Double din surround/top cubby (only required if you have the single din or an early 06-08 6 disk)
Nissan usb lead
Usb/aux port (28023-BH00A)

To make your own lead for the connect you will need 2 sot leads (08 (58) onwards the connect is plug and play)

SOT-918 or CT10NS05 This gives you the plug for the connect
SOT-078 or CT10VX02 This gives you the plugs for the car

10. Remote A
11. Remote B
12. Remote Ground

21. RR Speaker +
22. RR Speaker -
23 FR SPeaker +
24. FR Speaker -
25. FL Speaker +
26. FL Speaker -
27. RL Speaker +
28. RL Speaker -

31. Speed Pulse
34. Battery voltage
36. Illumination
37. Ignition Votage (switch live)
38. Ground

2. FL Speaker +
3. FL Speaker -
4. RL speaker +
5. RL Speaker -
6. Remote A
7. Ignition Voltage (switch Live)
9. Illumination
11. FR Speaker +
12. FR Speaker -
13. RR Speaker +
14. RR Speaker -
15. Remote ground
16. Remote B
18. Speed pulse
19. Battery Voltage
20. Ground

21. EQ line (this sets the connect to the correct settings for the note, wire to a ground)
25. Reverse Signal (12v reverse - 0v forward)
34. Mic Signal
35. Mic + 5.0v
36. MicGround

Due to firmware limitations it is not possible to add a camera to the a Note/micra connect system


Microphone wire guide

34. Mic Signal - Yellow - Grey on microphone (white on later note's)

35. Mic+ 5.0v- Green - Red on microphone

36. Mic Ground - Brown - Black(or shield)

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No idea. The guy who used to moderate this forum made up the leads but he moved to a Vauxhall Mokka over a year ago.

With the diagrams above you should be able to source one from a decent car audio specialist.

Personally, I wouldn't retrofit a Connect, They are not the most reliable of units when a few years old (really susceptible to heat damage from the adjacent heater).

Plenty of far better 'mainstream' alternatives.

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Do as Nigel has said, "take it too a car audio specialist". But take your laptop with you, or even print out all the information "Flash" has given. Also why would you want tofit another Connect unit, their not known for reliability, then get yourself a free for life update sat nav, either a Garmin or Tomtom.

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Blue note, dont know if you are still about? I am trying to fit a sat nav radio pictures would be a bit better for me. I just want to kow what the sockets on the new unit do dont need pin configurations till i know what plug goes where


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Bluenote hasn't been here for a while.
From the left, grey plug for powered radio antenna blue is the GPS antenna square grey is the USB/phono inputs
White with 20 pins- speaker, mic, speed signal, steering controls
White with 24 pins reverse camera, mode selection (won't work on a note connect AFAIK)

If you are swaping from a standard CD player to a connect, there is some sort of adaptor cable required that grounds some of the pins in the 24 pin socket to a connect up as a Note version.

Some pinouts

LOOKING AT THE UNIT FACE ON plug must reverse

49 45
50 46
51 47
52 48

45 (B) ・USB ground ・・・・
46 (W) ・USB D- signal I/O
47 (G) ・USB D+ signal I/O
48 (R) ・V BUS signal Output ・・・Output
49 (Y) AUX sound signal LH Input ・・・Input/
50 (BR) AUX sound signal RH Input ・・・Input/
51 (L) AUX signal ground
52 Shield
53 Shield

Speaker adaptor

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
19 20
10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

retainer clip

19 yellow = +12V

2&3 LHfront
4&5 LHrear
11&12 RHfront
13&14 RHrear

To enter Service menu

hold setup
spin anti-clockwise
spin clockwise
spin anti-clockwise

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Hi folks.
Haven’t been on here for a good while. I recently sold my 2010 E11 Note :(but retained the Connect 1 that I retrofitted to it.
I have managed to remove the Connect, and retrofit it to my VW T5 campervan. Everything works, except the illumination of the buttons on the Connect when the side lights/headlamps are turned on.
My question is this: does anyone know which wire on the Connect harness controls the illumination?
It would be possible to run a wire from the VW illumination circuit to the Connect; but which coloured wire does it connect to on the Nissan Connect harness??
Where’s flash22 when you need him? Long gone, unfortunately...
Many thanks!

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Hi folks.
Illumination is now working.
All I did was access the hidden menu, and ran a self-test. The head unit then lit up when I turned on the side lights.
interesting, but unexpected...
my note may be sold, but the Connect lives on to play another day. I wanted to retain it specifically because of the excellent search functions on the phone book and the iPod. The ability to search by letter is easier to use than, for example, the new Toyota ICE head unit (which is rubbish).
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