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I am in the process of getting a Nissan Note. Fingers crossed it will be read on the 2nd September, the day after my birthday.

Well here is a tiny bit about myself. I'm 33 years old (34 on thursday) and I have been driving since 2007. Yep I was a late learner driver.

I have had the following cars:

Ford Focus 2ltr TDCi Titanium Estate
(had the car taken off me when my so called mate stopped paying the finance on it. 3years after I bought it off him. Still live and learn but that was £8K down the drain, still trying to get my money back)

Then I had a number of death traps for a period of 24 hours as I needed a car to get to work in, these included a ford escort, X90 and a 306 - all bought from the same guy but thanks to a local garage they spotted problems before I parted with my cash.

Renault Clio Mk1 phase 3 RSi 1.8 - nippy little thing and used this for 3 months till I bought a...

Vauxhall Astra Coupe 1.8 - Again this was a lovely car but within a year I got board of it and traded it in for..... Drum roll please

Smart Car Roadster - Yes I got a smart roadster... not the box thing you see around town.. It was the lengthened version 2 seater convertible. Now these are great cars I was getting 47mpg and a tank of fuel cost £36 and lasted 2 weeks. I was in love with the car even though you looked like an idiot getting in and out of it as it was so low. But being low had it problems... A van reversed into me while I was on a ramp in a local car park and caused £2000 worth of damage which Mercedes put right.

Still the guy accepted liability and that is all sorted

That happened on 13th July this year (bad luck huh!!!) but since then I have been having serious neck, shoulders and back pains and when I'm driving my legs feel numb, so I had to make the hard decision to get a more practical car...

I had narrowed it down to 3 possible cars

Ford Focus
Vauxhall Astra H/Mk5
Nissan Note

All were 1.4 petrol cars

Even thought the astra had the best fuel consumption between the 3 it had the higher tax group and the focus was exactly the same as the note, but the note was the newest of the 3. So the note it is..

I've driven a few and like it a lot, even through some of the guys at work think I'm mad and should get a car with a bit of street cred!!! Like having an estate and a smart car gives me cred!!! LOL!!!

Now I am leaving it up to a finance company to find the right Note for me. They are aware they have 4 days in which to pull this off but I have used them before and I know they can do it..

Anyway here are a some pics of my cars for you to look (and laugh) at.

Already I have my eyes on a few bits on ebay for the note!!!!

Clio and focus in the background and is the only pic I have of it!!!

Here is the Astra

And finally the little roadster.. 700cc of rear wheel drive fun!!!!

Anyway looking forwards to joining this new community and also looking forward to driving my new nissan note!!!

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