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Hello All!

Not a Note owner myself, I drive a Micra! But my dad owns a 2008 Note Acenta R, and one of my closest friends has an 09 plate Note too, so plenty of exposure to them, and will mainly be on here for the benefit of my dad.

May post the odd picture as photography is what I do, but I'd expect me to be fairly quiet.

Quick question to kick me off, is it possible (and if so what sort of price range/how easy would it be) to fit cruise control to the 2008 Note Acenta R, it's one of the only things my dad actually wants on his car that it doesn't already have, any input would be appreciated, we even toyed with the idea of yanking it from my friends 09 note before he gets a new car in a couple months, but decided that the mobility programme might smell a rat there!

Nice to meet you all!
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