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Q. What's red and white outside and grey and white inside?
A. Campbell's Cream of Elephant Soup

Q. Why did the elephant cross the road?
A. He was following the Pied Peanut of Hamelyn ( I made this one up btw!)

Q. Why do elephants get drunk?

Q. Why did the elephant float on his back in the sea?
A. The seagulls wanted a naval base.

Q. How do you make instant elephant?
A. Open the packet, add water and RUN

Q. What weighs 5 tons and has to be home before midnight?
A. Cinderellaphant

Q. What do you send a sick elephant?
A. A get wellephant soon card.

Q. What did the grape say to the elephant?
A. Nothing...grapes can't talk

Q. What do elephants do for fun?
A. They tell stupid jokes.

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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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