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HI Folks 63 plate Tekna 1.5dci 15,000 miles

Minding my own business at 60mph and the Cruise Control cut out .
Puzzled I reset it and forgot all about it .
Two days later same thing only this time it wouldn't reset just gave (---) at 60mph .
After switching off it worked again .
Then a day later on the motorway it cuts out and MIL comes on. Cruise control works for a few miles then cuts out . Haha !I thought I have a real fault ........ cycled the engine 10 times and put the mil out.
The only code on OBDhowever are one confirmed and one pending P253F Engine Oil Deteriorated.

The car is 500 miles from the next service , according to the dash . About a month away .

Anyone know if this code and cruise control symptoms are related ? Surley they can't be ?? Took it in to my dealerwho is 'puzzled'...... So not a good start then.

I have a 2013 Diesel - 1.5 - Note. Acenta Premium and experienced similar symptoms to what is described here. I just went to Asda and got some DPF cleaner fluid, put it in with half a tank of fuel, then filled up. I drove about 10 miles (some at 60 mph) and my cruise control started working. Fault light was still illuminated of the dash though... Stopped, went for a walk, started car again - dash light still on. Stopped again, then when we went home, the fault light went out! Great! So give that a try as it won't do any harm!

Regards Pete
41 - 41 of 41 Posts