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hmmmI am thinking of retrofitting my 6CD changer with Nissan Connect.
Obviously the Sat Nav isnt the big attraction at all.
few question if some1 can reply;

a) How does NC updates the traffic info?
b) Does it has any SD card reader?
c) CD changer options? I connect SD card (with folders in) and my Honda Jaz stereo treats it as CD changer. I can jump to any of the 99 CD and play any of the 999song/CD through steering control? Is it closer to that.
d) It is any better than aftermarket stereos?
e) I can see that this has a USB pluged to it, How does it read the USB (different folder = different CD) etc.

Sorry i couldnt find the owner's manual for audio system hence asking dumb ques.
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moved to a new post in the correct section, please try not to dig up old posts will need to change the surround if you have a pre facelift car 06-58

1A. traffic updates are done by tmc and or rds

2.the sd slot is just for the sat nav

3. no cd changer options, it has usb 8-16gb usb pendrive is less the £10 and you will get 5000 tracks on a 16gb stick you can put them in folders but no more than 5 folder levels deep IMHO cd changer are old hat and are very expensive these days

4.if you dont want the nav an aftermarket radio will be cheaper but buy a decent one from the likes of pioneer, alpine or kenwood if your on a budget - you will need to do number anwser1

5. see anwser number 3

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