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Does anyone have any idea (or a source of information) on how the Connect system uses its RDS traffic information to influence its navigation?

Google maps might help with the next bit

I recently returned from the Isle of Wight and on leaving Lymington port heading for the North the Connect took me North-east on the B3054 towards Beaulieu, rather than on the expected route which would be straight on to theA337, then North via Brockenhurst and Lyndhurst to the M27.

As it was a bright day we decided to 'go with it' and see some New Forest ponies rather than reverting to our normal route, and were taken via the B3054 to Beaulieu and then the B3056 back to Lyndhurst (when in fact there would seem to be a better route from Beaulieu to the North rather than the one it chose).

Only on arriving in Lyndhurst to the much-worse-than-normal traffic around the town did we hear on the radio that there was an incident on the A337 between Lyndhurst and Lymington, with significant delays.

SO - it would seem that without my knowledge (and with no 'announcement' or other dialogue), the Connect used its RDS traffic information to route us around the incident. I can see no other reason for it to choose that route (though its the first time I've used it an that specific journey so I've no way of knowing if it could be just a 'bug' in the navigation).

Has anyone else seen this? I didn't have the 'adaptive route planning' (or whatever its called) turned on at the time, having been confused and worried by where it might take me.

If this is true, and the traffic information is used without any notification, it (a) doesn't seem right and (b) makes me wonder how far it could go under extreme traffic conditions.

Any thoughts?

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It depends how you have it set up a mix of tmc and rds the sat nav should work out a route around the problem

I was down in dorset in june last year, Lyndhurst is a major bottleneck as it one of the main routes in and out of the new forest (the traffic lights a the t junction at the top of the high street are the culprit)

There is a nice garage down the bottom of Lyndhurst high street, a maserati and Ferrari DealersEdited by: flash22
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