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Picked up my new Ntec+ yesterday (gotta love that new car smell).

I had an extended test drive of the Note and Seat Altea before deciding and I am convinced that I have made the right choice.

It's like the ruddy Tardis and every bit as comfy for a 6' 4" 20 stone ex-second row as my old Seat Alhambra which only let me down once in eleven years. If the Note is as reliable I'll be very happy.

I actually looked at the Citroen C3 Picasso but there was not a single automatic car in the country available for a test drive!

Anyway, back to the Note. Sometimes you feel instantly 'at home' in a new car and this is one of those times. Everything falls to hand and the reduced external dimensions compared to my old car mean that I can get into far smaller parking spaces. It does look a little 'lost' at the front of the house but 'the big blue bus' was having turbo problems and there was no point in spending £2200 on a car worth £2500.

I checked this site out well before buying the Note and it seems a friendly place, always a good measure of the people that use it.

So, thank you mods and admins for making this resource available and I look forward to contributing over the months and years to come.
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