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Hi Guy ""˜n' Gals,<?: prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:eek:ffice:eek:ffice" />
Needing to change all 4 tyres on my note soon (185 65 R15 H 88), been doing some online research, but would like any feedback from all you fellow note owners.
I am considering Michelin Energy Saver- seems to be some good deals about at the moment + Michelin are doing a cash back offer from certain suppliers.
I have had these tyres fitted to a previous car, Vauxhall corsa and found them to be a good tyre, but reading on review sites some people seem to think that they do not have good wet grip.
I know that they last a long time and that the trade off for longer wear is a harder tyre compound and less grip in the wet ""“but does anyone have energy savers fitted at the moment and what do they think of them?
Feel free to give your opinions about any other tyre manufacturer's tyres good or bad.
Also current tyres showing no signs of uneven wear-is it still necessary to get the tracking done? Opinions please.
Thanking you all in advance, Spartacus1961

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I've heard the same about these Michelins. There is always a trade off with tyres, as regards price, grip, wear and road noise.

If your car has ABS, then it is less of an issue when braking hard in the wet.

Maybe small adjustments in your 'wet' driving style, may eleviate any concerns. Like driving slower, leaving more room, and anticipating other drivers moves.

On a personal note, I'll sacrifice some wet grip, for some longevity every time.

If the wear pattern on the old tyres is equal and even, then I see no need for tracking.
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