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Went shopping in the heatwave with air con on. Finished shopping - no air con.
I hadn’t topped it up for couple of years so went to a high street store for some gas. I got my £10 back for my empty tin, but was told that I needed a new hose because the hose was now screw on, not push on. Robbed me of £20 for the hose.
put some gas in, but no result, but the compressor was cutting in & out. Then I realised that the blower(s) weren’t working.
I tried the heater but outside it was 33 deg, and the selector only goes to 28 deg.
All the fuses were good, even the one(s) in that stupid box next to the battery.
A neighbour suggested the resistor pack, but it was getting late & I wasn’t in the mood for limbo dancing in the glove box. One of your contributors said that there different variants of resistor pack, so it would be swapping old for new at the dealers. Rang my little garage man who asked me to take it in the next day. He was surprised that no fan settings would work.
The next morning it was only 26deg, and lo & behold everything worked perfectly, both heater and air con, and is still just fine. I did have to let some gas go because I had overcharged it.
It’s all a mystery. One thought was that with 33 deg outside the car it must have been well over 40 inside. Could the contacts on the cabin selector dials have become separated in the heat?
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