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I recently bought this 2006 Note for £460, quite pleased with it needs a bit of a clean but rust free and runs really well
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In the process of tidying it up i went to a local scrapyard got a door lock, leather steering wheel and the bluetooth 6 cd changer CY03E PN-3000P all for £25, even with it needing a code it seemed good value.

Wired the radio in to replace this one:
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Took the microphone out of the scrapyard car, cut the headlining in mine to suit, it clipped in easily.
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It works, CD player, radio, aux in, steering wheel controls and the bluetooth pairs up with a phone, although the microphone isnt picking up.

I just have some questions;

On the rectangular aereal connector there is a small wire that the diagram says ANT+B what does that mean?
Im also not hearing anything through the microphone, the only wire from the original radio that seems to have no place to go is this one:
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The diagram for the original radio says line out RF. Would this have anything to do with the microphone, the microphone only has 3 wires which are connected up.
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