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Hello,I hate cars and would not own one if I could avoid it, but I am rather fond of my ginger coloured Nissan Note. I've got a bluetooth stereo with an mp3 input which keeps me sane while driving, the boot and moveable backseat is brilliant, it fits all my musical gear in when I'm gigging, it's a 1.6 which means it does shift when I need to overtake, and it was much nicer to drive than the Vauxhall Meriva that I also test drove. As a small, affordable family car I couldn't ask for much more.

I hope Nissan's still live up to their reputation for reliability, the Body Control Module (BCM) went in mine last year, leaving me with a fog light that could only be turned off by taking a fuse out, and a pricey garage bill... Apart from that it's been ok (touch wood).

I've just posted a technical question, if anyone could help answer it I'd be really grateful!

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