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Note 2009 dci86 owner on a budget
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So I've had my e11 6 months now and thought id update the forum on how its been in terms of cost and value .bought off fleabay as original winner didn't turn up for £1200 with serv history totaling £3750 mileage 145500, went to view/buy/pay for it and the guy selling it , gave me £60 cash back......! so the car owes me £1140,Yes I was amazed too..!! it was due a cambelt/water pump change, so now the costs.

Oil filter ADN12121 blue print 6.19
Engine oil Mannol fully syn 5 ltr 15.84
Cambelt+W pump Dayco 57.73
Labour for the above 160.00 ( no receipt)
Inc new Antifreeze FOC
Fuel filter SP7121 5.50
Air filter ??? 7.19
Rear wiper blade starline Part Number
48577522S Europarts rubber swop 0.65
Key fob batteries x2 2.35
Haynes Manual 2nd hand 10.00

6 Months insurance (morethan) 102.00
6 Mths car tax approx 16.00

Now I admit I'm not typical, as I've only done 1000/1100 miles in 6 months and I think i've been fortunate as 2nd hand cars can look good, but turn out to be nightmares, and i'm sure my choice of some replacement parts for some posters is questionable, but I'm an ideal world etc etc

Jobs to do this year, Refit the neck of the washer bottle so far.
Jobs in future replace battery , its 4 yrs old now
Failed tasks resealing the 3rd brake light,, its boot leaking but not bad so ill leave it alone

What I found interesting was webuy anycar say...... they'll give me £980 for the car(allegedly), 6 months ago it was £540

All in all I'm impressed with the car EVERY single thing still works on it, so I cant fault the car for what it is/bought for/used for, even though its the age and mileage it is, But im sure something will fail before Nov mot, sods law is around a fair bit these days . .
I hope someone on here finds my post interesting (even if just a little)
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