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Hi everyone,

I've had an issue with my 2014 Note Tekna (manual) for over 12 months that I've been struggling to fix.

I regularly cannot put the car into reverse; the gear stick locks after moving it down from neutral.

If I come out of 1st gear when sat at lights, the gear stick goes to neutral fine but will not move right to 5th/reverse. I have to slightly nudge the gearstick up towards 3rd for the stick to become free, or whack it right-ways to release it.

While driving in 5th gear the gear stick will occasionally lock for a few seconds when trying to bring it down to 4th.

I've had the clutch replaced and some kind of gearbox cables greased. I've recently had the underneath of the gear stick greased up as it was completely dry. (Sorry, don't know the technical term for either of those.)

I've looked through the threads here and can't really see anything exactly the same as my issue. Please can anyone offer any advice?

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