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Hello all,

First post - so hope this is ok?

We have a 2011 1.5 DCI NTEC+ which is part of the current safety recall due to the passenger airbag.
Our car displays NO warning signs etc.

They came to repair it for free - plug in their diagnostic equipment - and said that they could not do the repair as there is a drivers airbag warning - or intermitant fault showing.

I repeat that there is no waring lights ever on the note.

So I ring Nissan and they say that it might be caused by a faulty leaf spring on the steering wheel, they can take a look at it which will cost £100 or replace it for £475... but it might not fix the problem.

I have had a quick check and the speed limiter on the wheel also doesnt work (so there might be an issue with the leaf spring in general) but what are my options here please guys.

I can not have the 'safety work' done for free until another 'airbag fault' is repaired - even thou there are no warning lights showing - and Nissan want best part of £500 to cure it..

Please can someone advise what my options are here?

Thanks in advance.
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