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I am not sure why but I made a bigger post on this and it got removed, maybe because it had too many links in and looked like spam?

Anyway I am attaching a video of my car engine sound. What I have found is that when I start the car all is fine but after a few minutes the sound of the car when idling is not constant, it kind of lulls as though there is some kind of friction.

Looking at possible problems I have read that it could be petrol filter related, engine mounts coming lose, or spark plug related.

I though that the best thing would be to share a video where I have recorded the sound of the engine. Noting that this morning I put oil in the car that was needed. But also wanted to mention that I get quite a lot of cabin noise when driving at higher speeds.

Could be the car is just old, but I did want to see what you all thought.

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