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I have a Note 1.6 Tenka from 2006 has now 205,000 KMs on the clock. The drivers seat is on it's way out.

1) I have this problem, when I sit in the chair it moves back and forward a little bit. It is not sliding as though I had lifted the handle to move the position of the chair, but it just kind of moves a few centimetres if I shift my weight in it.

2) The bit you sit on has kind of come away at the point where it touches the back of the chair. It is still sittable but my worry is if it breaks when I am driving, and for example falls apart making it dangerous if happening on the motorway.

Is it possible to remove the drivers seat easily so I can take a look at this? Hoping someone can advise me.

I took a picture to show what I mean. The cushion seat is not really attached. When I look underneath there was some kind of bracket (in a upside down L shape) that had a screw in it as though it was no longer connected to the seat.

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