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  1. Adding CY03E PN-3000P radio to a note

    In Car Entertainment
    I recently bought this 2006 Note for £460, quite pleased with it needs a bit of a clean but rust free and runs really well In the process of tidying it up i went to a local scrapyard got a door lock, leather steering wheel and the bluetooth 6 cd changer CY03E PN-3000P all for £25, even with it...
  2. Which leads on the radio end are steering wheel controls?

    Help and Advice E11 2005 - 2013
    Okay so i've been making my car as nice as possible recently, interior exterior, service, the whole lot. And i've also opted to installing an aftermarket radio... a chinese one at that. It's almost fully integrated, bar i need to T-Tap to the original ground due to ground loop on chassis and the...