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  1. Newbies
    Hello? I thank you guys for this knowledge base and really hope you can shed some light on this rather stressful happening...... thanks. I'm a student owning an E11... (CVT), it started making this weird noise, like somethings loose, happens on cold starts -linked video- and after a few KM of...
  2. Help and Advice E11 2005 - 2013
    Hi! It recently reached -20°C here in Finland and along with the cold my Note started exhibiting strange behaviour. It's a 2012 Note E11, 1.4l CR14DE engine. When I try to start it in under -10°C (but not under -18°C) the starter motor turns for a few seconds and then finally ignition is...
  3. How To?
    Hey all, I've had my E11 for a few weeks now and recently got quite aggravated driving in the dark and not being able to see what my AC is set to as the bulbs behind the climate control are burnt out. Having to turn on the dome lights just to adjust climate control is a pain. Well, after...
1-3 of 3 Results