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Designed, engineered and manufactured in the UK, Nissan's unconventional NOTE aims to appeal as much to the head as to the heart. Breaking through conventional boundaries, it's a family hatchback that delivers the comfort and equipment of a C segment car, but with the agility and easy driving qualities of a B segment hatchback.

The award-winning range (Auto Express has voted it Best 'Supermini MPV' continuously for three years) has recently benefited from a series of major changes with enhancements to both styling and specification during 2009 followed by further improvements for the 2011 model year. In particular the Nissan Connect system - the integrated audio, navigation and communication package that is being rolled out progressively across the Nissan line-up is now available on Note..

Since Pixo and the new Micra are only available with petrol engines, Note has become the entry point to the Nissan range for diesel enthusiasts. Even more significantly, recent improvements to the 1.5 dCi unit means not only is the engine fully Euro 5 compliant but its CO2 emissions have dropped to a mere 110 g/km.
It's all part of Nissan's quest to continue to lower the emissions from all its cars. Any Nissan producing less than 130 g/km is permitted to wear a discreet 'Pure Drive' badge on its tail. Note joins Pixo, Micra, versions of Juke and QASHQAI and, of course, LEAF in lowering tailpipe emissions whether the power unit in petrol, diesel or electric.

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Nissan Note News

Nissan Note Nismo and Nismo S go on sale in Japan

Nissan has introduced in Japan the Nismo and Nismo S versions of the Note, following an announcement made late July. These two niche models come with a more aggressive body finished in gray, black silver or white with red accents and riding on 16-inch wheels (17-inch for Nismo S). Both of them benefit from suspension […]

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Nissan Note Gets Supercharged DIG-S Engine and Dynamic Styling Pack

The innovative and distinctive Nissan Note range has been boosted by the arrival in showrooms of the DIG-S. Powered by Nissan’s state-of-the-art supercharged petrol engine, DIG-S promises best in class efficiency and low running costs to match its bold design and smart technology. The advanced direct injection engine delivers the economy and emissions of a […]

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Nissan is today celebrating the start of production of the new Nissan Note at its record-breaking Sunderland Plant. Already the UK’s biggest ever car plant, the new Note is set to boost production even further in Sunderland following a £125m investment by Nissan, secured for the UK with a £9.3m grant from the UK Government’s […]

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New Nissan Note prices

Prices and specs for the new Nissan Note, which starts from £11,900 with first deliveries in October

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Nissan Note gets new 360-degree safety kit

The new Note will get a 360-degree camera and a Safety Shield system The new Nissan Note will get a selection of safety kit that gives drivers all-round vision to help make manoeuvres easier and safer. A first in the small car market, the Around View Monitor uses four cameras on the car (one on […]

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Nissan Note Forum Posts

Wiper blades

Just fitted a pair of the Norvac retro wipers from the Amazon link.  Much improved cleaning compared with the original standard blades which were almost brand new. ...

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Reversing light brightness ?

The illumination when reversing our (new to us) Note seems very feeble compared to our previous Corsa and current Agila with 382 P21W bulbs ?I've not taken the light units off yet to see if they are clean inside, but the other rear bulbs all seem much brighter than the reversing lights.Both rear bulbs are working, and are supposed to be 955 capless W16W - is it possible to replace them with anything of a higher wattage ? ...

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Potential Note owner - few Qs

Ah, righto, thanks.  That explains the stuff on wikipedia mentioning CVT.  I quite like the CVT mechanism in the Rover - it's a joy to drive.  Shame that, in general, they seem unreliable.  We were thinking of a Honda Jazz, but there are plenty of horror stories.Sounds like the only special thing to worry about is creaky suspension.Many thanks for the feedback. ...

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Petrol warning light

Why do drivers let their fuel go so low ? Is it because they have no cash, no time or cannot be arsed to fill up?  They have seen the level going down for the last 50/75 miles.  Flash is correct, when he stated, "that you can pull crud up through the pump"  With a diesel, if the crud gets past the filter (it has been known) can bugger you ...

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Steering Control/Converter Head Unit Leads

All wired and working except I have no radio reception on am or fm.On the aerial adapter lead there's a blue wire that I have not connected. Should this be connected and to where? ...

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